Your Right Against Self-Incrimination: What Exactly Does that Mean for YOU When You Run an Escort Business in the Escort Industry

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Being questioned by the police or the courts can be a stressful experience, no matter what the reason. In the Escort Industry it is especially important to understand this process, and know what legal rights you have if you are ever stopped by law enforcement, or even charged with a crime.

What do you do when the cops bring you in for questioning? People think they know what their rights are, but depending on what the situation is at the moment that they confront you, your rights are different each time.

You need to know if the police are following the correct legal procedures?

Knowing what to expect, what is required, and what is allowed can make the difference between you being able to go free, or staying in jail for several days to weeks..

What about in a courtroom?

Everyone has rights against self-incrimination with nearly all legal matters… but there are certain things these rights don’t protect. On the TV we see people (actors) plead the 5th, and that’s that. In reality, it’s much much more complex.

Learning the in’s and out’s of your rights should be a top priority for you as an escort agency owner.

The more informed you are, the better prepared you will be if you ever run into difficulty with the legal system.

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