The Legality of the Written Word vs. the Spoken Word in the Escort Industry

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Escorts and Escort Agencies alike all create various forms of contracts and agreements such as disclaimers, releases, etc. This is done in an effort to protect the escort agency from doing anything illegal. In the case of an escort service, these forms are used to distance the escort service from its escorts so as to not be liable for any illegal acts committed by the escorts or other employees.

Do all of these written legal documents meant for the escort industry actually hold up legally?

Just how safe are you if you have an airtight contract made up?

Only you can answer those questions once you have educated yourself with this article on contracts.

You have to especially factor in your actions past the written documents you had created. Did you know that?

What you say and do have a great impact on any written legal documents for your escort business, and this article addresses what you need to know.

Looking at past legal cases and escort service legal issues, it doesn’t always turn out the way it is expected. The written word vs. the spoken word can turn things upside down.

Escort Agency owners need to learn how their actions effect their legal documents, and whether their legal documents can actually hold up in a court of law when it comes to the escort industry.

So, what are you waiting for?

Educate yourself on written contracts, what you say when working in the escort industry, and see if you are up to snuff in protecting yourself.

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