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Laws for the escort industryEveryone knows the internet is full of rumors. It’s a fact of life – the sky is blue, the ocean is deep, and the internet is full of rumors. So, although internet forums and sites like Wikipedia can be great for settling bar bets, they are terrible places to turn for legal advice about escorting.

If you’re an escort, it’s important to know the law; escorts are sometimes targeted by law enforcement. But, if you know the state and municipal laws that relate to your job, you can save yourself a lot of hassle if – heaven forbid – you have any encounters with the police.

Although looking online might seem like a cost-effective and anonymous way to find legal advice about escorting, you have to be careful to get your information from reliable sources – or else it might cost you more in the long-run. There is a growing cottage industry of escort-related websites, many of which allow you to talk to others in the profession. Just remember, escorts aren’t lawyers. Lawyers are lawyers. No matter how knowledgeable they may seem, other escorts may not be up-to-date on current laws in your area and may unwittingly feed you misinformation.

For instance, recently I saw a forum post where an independent escort was warning others about the possibility of being arrested for trespassing when going to see a client at a hotel. Now, certainly it is possible to get arrested for trespassing – but not simply for being an unregistered hotel guest. Nonetheless, that is exactly what the forum post claimed. It warned against doing outcalls at hotels and motels after designated visiting hours. After a certain time, the post alleged, anyone found on hotel property without being registered as a hotel guest could be arrested for trespassing. Thus, it advised, escorts should call ahead and learn about designated visiting hours before agreeing to meet any client at a hotel after dark.

If that were true, it would be excellent advice. Not only is this story patently false, but it also simply doesn’t make sense. Think about it – is your boyfriend or girlfriend going to get arrested if you decide to bring them on vacation with you and you register the hotel room under your name? Of course not! That’s not to say that this forum poster was lying – she may have been telling the truth, but simply neglected to mention another crucial piece of information. The point is, when you’re looking for legal advice about escorting, you shouldn’t turn to other escorts for help.

Being on hotel property after visiting hours would only be considered trespassing if you were asked to leave the premises and refused to do so. In order to prosecute someone for trespassing, the management or property owner must give a specific verbal or written warning. If they haven’t done so, then you aren’t trespassing.

This is a perfect example of how failing to know the law can cost you money. Restricting yourself to working only daytime hours for outcalls could cause you to lose a lot of potential income, while not knowing the law can put you at a costly disadvantage when dealing with law enforcement. That’s why The Escort Law Review services are crucial. When you need reliable legal advice about escorting, come to real legal experts.

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