KiwiSaver/escort agency website mix up

There’s nothing that an escort agency would like more than to have a domain name that brings in tons of traffic.

Obviously it’s not just escort agencies that want a lot of traffic, any online business wants traffic, so it’s not uncommon for people to register a domain name that is very close to another company’s domain name. That’s why companies should always register similar domain names to thwart this problem before it gets out of hand.

But what happens when it’s a government’s domain name? Are you willing to take that risk as an escort agency?

Do you think this escort agency do it on purpose or is it just a coincidence?


KiwiSaver/escort agency website mix up

Newstalk ZB

“One slip-up typing in a website address and those looking to save for their retirement could instead be looking at semi-nude women. People who type in – rather than are directed to escort agency Sexy Kiwi Girls. The …”


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