Government Regulations: What Escort Services Need to Know

You may have heard of this mantra many times on the topic of opening a new business:

Location, location, location.

This certainly applies to the escort industry as well, as local governments are enacting new laws and regulations aimed at one of two things:

  1. Legislating the escort industry out of existence by making it virtually impossible to operate a lawful escort agency within that jurisdiction, or
  2. Regulating the escort industry but not necessarily preventing it from operating

Figuring out what regulations they are aiming for in your area will assist you in a number of ways and help you decide if your location is the right one for starting up your escort service.

As the owner of an escort service, you should understand that there are three main types of government regulations that would apply to an escort agency:

  1. General business licensing requirements and taxation
  2. Zoning and location restrictions
  3. Industry-specific restrictions

The laws, ordinances and restrictions are constantly changing, so doing the research today won’t necessarily be the same a few months down the road. These laws, ordinances and restrictions also vary city to city, making it extremely important for escort service agents to get informed and stay informed. This is why The Escort Law Review offers a custom research package called The Licensing & Laws 101 Package. This package helps prepare you prior to opening your escort agency or any adult business, as we’ve had other entrepreneurs come to us to research other adult businesses.

So click on here so that we can research the Licensing & Laws for your local area. If you need multiple states, cities and counties researched, we have discounts for that too, but you will need to contact us if you need a larger package done.

Just so you know as we go above and beyond just a quick research, we even research the law enforcement climate for your city, which is extra information we feel you need to know.

To run a successful escort service you must know the ins and outs of the laws and regulations. Without the protection that knowledge can supply you with, you’re lacking the solid foundation every business needs to succeed.

Contact us if you have any questions.

The Escort Law Review
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