Family Guy and Prostitution

Once again, more wanna be lawyers out there professing to know the law in the escort industry – WHEN THEY DON’T!

So I came across a question about whether this Family Guy episode about prostitution was accurate, so after I finished laughing at the You Tube video, I asked legal his take and he said…

“It all depends on what the perceived primary motivation of the transaction is.  If he’s paying her, and filming it, but just wants the footage for himself and doesn’t do anything commercial with it, it’s prostitution.

If he’s paying her and filming it, not for sexual pleasure, and he wants to sell and distribute the video, then the primary purpose is commercial.

It’s a very grey area, and hinges on a very narrow technicality regarding whether the exchange of money was for the sex or for the distribution rights.”

So with the warped logic in the United States when it comes to the escort industry laws, here is how I read this…

If a guy has sex with a gal in a porno & ejaculates & gets pleasure from that because of her and that is MADE PUBLIC so the ENTIRE WORLD can gawk and see this sexual act and masturbate or have sex at home, that’s okay & ALL legal. BUT, if a customer pays for a prostitute’s time and they end up having sex together and it’s PRIVATE where NO ONE CAN SEE, that’s AGAINST THE LAW.

I must be REALLY REALLY STUPID, because I can’t see the logic in this AT ALL.

Do you???

Please comment with your points of view.

Oh I forgot, what we do in our private bedrooms is the government’s business and since they are allowed to control our private sexual lives (you know how they love to watch right? LOL) they can make up laws surrounding our sex or intimate acts. STUPID MEEEEE! Why didn’t I think of that!!!

Actually I should have said, “and since they are allowed to control our ENTIRE lives!” How BDSM of them.

Like do you know how many states outlaw anal sex?

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