Contacting the police if you are assaulted

Should escorts contact the police
if they are assaulted by a customer?

First I have to say this…

So many escorts who have been escorting for years think they are lawyers (attorneys) when they are NOT!!!

Then they write up some blog post telling other escorts how to handle the law & then escorts think they are safe.

Bottom line is this… If the person you are getting your legal education from is NOT an attorney¬† (lawyer or barrister) or wasn’t in a past profession & isn’t researching the law TODAY, because laws chance every day, then I DON’T recommend you listen to them. Your life or career may depend on it.

It may be easier to listen to someone tell you what you want to hear, but do you REALLY want to risk it???

This is why we offer fully researched legal information, because at The Escort Law Review, we know where to find the up-to-date laws & we have connections to a former attorney. We don’t pretend to be something we are not!

If it sounds like I’m upset, I am. Many times in the past I’ve grabbed some escort legal advice off the Internet, hand it over to my guy to ask him if this is TRUE, & he tells me NO!!!

Now back to the legal lesson this post is about…

So contrary to what people who are just plain stupid think, it’s NOT OKAY for someone to RAPE OR ASSAULT an escort.

Escorts may be open minded, but they also have the RIGHT to say NO if they feel the client is unclean, there’s something emotionally wrong with them, they are requesting services she doesn’t feel comfortable with, or they are just plain being a PRICK or Scary.

Bottom line is, clients are paying for the escort’s time, nothing more.

So what does an escort do when a client assaults or rapes her??? Is she protected enough to go to the police?

Well the answer is, depends on the country & the mindset of the police in the city you live in.

I’m writing this post up because some American escort wrote a post on a blog stating that the law protects her if she goes to the police to tell them she was raped & UNFORTUNATELY I found out that’s NOT true. While the cops in that precinct probably wouldn’t use your escort profession against you, the law doesn’t state they should ignore it either.

It sucks I know, they would have to be REAL assholes to use your profession against you, but I want you to know what you are up against.

Now if you are in countries like the UK, Australia, Germany & certain parts of Canada, the cops should support you NO PROBLEM.

So here is what is recommended.

  1. Tell the police you were raped.
  2. Tell them you are concerned about disclosing the entire story of what happened because it could implicate you in an unrelated minor crime.
  3. Ask for a written assurance that what you say won’t be used against you criminally.

    You don’t have to say you are an escort, but if they press, saying so doesn’t mean you’ve committed any crime.
    While getting a statement from the DA is the best way to go, it’s highly unlikely at that point you’d be able to get that, so a written statement from a police officer should probably convince a judge not to pursue any charges against you.

You HAVE to take these assholes down if they assault you or rape you. You can’t let them get away with it. You are a HUMAN BEING & if you don’t feel comfortable with the client, you have the right to say NO!


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