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Nothing upsets me MORE than when I find out someone had access to our legal products & services, they make TONS of money working as an escort or escort service owner, & they DON’T educate themselves & learn¬† how to protect themselves legally.

I was just approached by someone who isn’t a client of Exotic Publishing Become a Successful Escort or The Escort Law Review, but she’s spoken to me over the last several months about other products & services I offer.

The police came to her home, tricked her, & because she didn’t understand her rights, she allowed the cops to take advantage of her.

Now she’s lost all of her savings & other items & may face a criminal record.

This wasn’t about her NOT having the money to purchase our legal articles teaching you about the escort industry,¬† your rights & business, this was about her NOT being smart & probably being cheap & hording her money.

So while I NEVER wish this legal situation upon anyone, the fact that it could have been avoided is what really IRKS me.

I hope she has learned her lesson & escorts & escort agency owners alike… let this be a lesson to YOU TOO!

If you don’t care about educating yourself on how to run a professional escort service, or you are an escort & you don’t care about learning how to be a successful escort, that’s fine, but at the VERY LEAST, you HAVE to learn about the law & how to make it work for you!!!

Failure to do so when you have the products & services right in front of you means you deserve what’s coming to you!

I don’t mean to be harsh, but it just pisses me off how me & my team put so much work into legally educating the escort industry & you just ignore what we have to offer. Then I get e-mails that make me MAD! Because no escort or escort service owner should allow this to happen to them.

The Escort Law Review

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