Blackmailing Clients of Escorts

Anyone who knows me knows I am doing my best to help clean up the escort industry from criminal types or die hard criminals, & nothing irks me more then when criminals take advantage of men who hire (see) escorts & are known to be Blackmailing Clients of Escorts.

Since I don’t feel real escorts or entrepreneurial escort service owners are criminals if they are just regular people & NOT pimps or street hookers, understand that I since I don’t label people within the escort industry as criminals, the criminals I’m talking about commit crimes that hurt others.

Unless someone is forcing someone, working as an escort or hiring one or being an agent of an escort is NOT, in my opinion, a criminal act. I say that even if they feel they are or society and the law tries to label them that way.

So back to my point…

These criminals use the fears of men who hire escorts to blackmail (extort) money from them. The fear of them getting caught by their wife.

One such man just came to me clearly very upset on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He doesn’t want to lose his wife (usually most men who see escorts don’t, that’s why they see escorts & don’t take on a mistress), & so he kept paying these crooks the money they demanded from him.

They harassed him every day with e-mails, phone calls & threats.

He hired us to not just vent, but to help direct him on what course of action he could take.

If you are a client who sees escorts, & you EVER get yourself into a situation where you are being blackmailed by criminals, please come talk to us. Do NOT let these assholes take advantage of you. I would NEVER condone such behavior & not because it’s against the law, but because it’s just morally disgusting in my opinion & I follow my own moral set of codes just like most people in the escort industry do.



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