Why Should You
Hire Our On Staff Legal Analyst:

Get Personalized, Professional Advice
From an Expert Who Understands
Your Escort (and Personal) Business

Our Legal Analyst is available either via the phone or e-mail within 24-36 hours excluding weekends and holidays.

In the escort industry it’s SO important that you understand the all the different escort and business laws that could impact your escort business. Whether you’re an escort agency (escort service), or an independent escort, you won’t want your livelihood (or even your life!) ruined by difficult legal problems.

The Escort Law Review’s On Staff Legal Analyst can help you by reviewing your documents and identifying any lurking legal issues you may have overlooked.

There are also other business and personal matters which could also create problems for you. If you’re ever going to own your own business, get married, or sign any kind of contract, eventually something is going to happen that requires you to consult with legal counsel.

This includes such items as:

  • Commercial tenancy agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • A website’s terms & conditions. No one ever reads the "Terms & Conditions" and they are VERY important in some cases when you are doling out a lot of money.
  • Any contract a retail store or credit card company may ask you to sign
  • Residential tenancy agreements
  • Collection letters
  • Marital or common law contracts
  • And more...

I don’t want you to have to pay out tons of money to get your problem rectified, so don't get caught up in a legal battle when you have the power to avoid it by hiring our quality on staff legal analyst.

The Escort Law Review’s legal analyst can quickly and efficiently bridge that knowledge gap with the correct legal information. You need only pay a very reasonable $125/hour rate for the hours you need. (for clients overseas, please use this link, as there's an additional 20% added to the cost ($150), as it's much harder to research information. Most countries aren't as transparent about the law as the US is.)

What’s more…

There is NO RETAINER or Upfront Deposit Required!

If you know anything about lawyers, they ALWAYS demand a retainer or large deposit so you’re always beholden to them. If you think you’ll get any of that back… you never do.

Also, this is NOT some kind of plan where you don't know what kind of lawyer you’re getting. The Escort Law Review’s qualified on staff legal analyst with years of legal experience, has been hand picked to provide the best service at the best cost to you.

So, click the button below to protect yourself with our expert on staff legal analyst at this very affordable rate. Decide how many hours you want and away you go…

If you don't know how many hours you need, just contact Michelle and she will get an estimate for you.


Existing clients of Exotic Publishing, your special Client's Discount Code was sent to you via our private client's list, so PLEASE use it to save you money.


Owner, Escort Law Review

P.S. If you need an attorney, we have a service to help find you a good lawyer in your city. (That's not just escort industry lawyers, but also other types of law…. family, civil commercial, real estate, etc.)

For more information, Click Here for our Escort Lawyer Research Package .

P.P.S. If you’re after city-specific information regarding licensing and laws in the escort industry, you can also learn more about our Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package.


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