Testimonials for the Escort Law Review Articles


"Yes, thank you Michelle. It was quite an interesting read. You would never think of the sort of things that crop up. You can only learn from other peoples' experiences and be one step ahead. You would never know these things exist until they happen to you.

Yes I thought it was brilliant, invaluable reading.

Many thanks Michelle"

Michelle F., Halifax, West Yorkshire


Merissa's reaction when I told her The Escort Law Review was Finally Launched...


This is fabulous!!!!   I'm so excited, its exactly what I needed.   Keep up the fantastic work! You're amazing :)"

Merissa, P., Sarasota, FL


"The Escort Law Review is not only insightful, but it gives me the opportunity to reflect on covering all bases regarding the legal aspects of my agency. The monthly articles/ issues related to this industry allow me to learn from others mistakes, be more aware of the consequences or potential traps that the judicial system has put in place to oppress even LAW OBIDING and ETHICAL entrepreneurs, such as myself in this business. This resource to this industry- was long overdue. Although I employ a very savy legal staff; I need it. If you don't believe that you need the escort law review- invest in a monthly subscription so that, you can learn why you do:)

I have never heard anyone say......Damn it. I wish that I didn't have so much legal knowledge about the industry I'm in"

S. H., Atlanta, Georgia

"Hi Michelle

I already read it and it was quite informative, thank you. Can't wait for the second issue.

Have a great night!


Inno H.


"thank you for my report. i read it and it was everything i wanted to know...it was worth every pennie...thank you julie"

Julie D., Sheridan, Oregon



Thanks for the reports.  They have been very helpful."





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