Do You Have A Model Release Contract?

Do you know how important a model release contract is for your escort service?

If you’re an escort service with a website and you don't have a quality model release contract, you could have serious legal issues and be In Big Trouble...

As an escort agency owner, you’ve probably posted pictures of your escorts on your site.

This is always an excellent marketing strategy, but it makes you legally liable in ways you might not have expected.

Have you protected yourself with a model release contract?

If not, you simply must get a model release contract for two critical reasons:

  1. It ensures that your escorts are of legal age.
  2. It also verifies that your escorts have given you consent to publish their photos online.

Both of these legal points are very very important to have in your model release contract, and they must be properly (and legally) written, so you don't get in trouble with the law.

We've seen situations where escort agency owners have been sued by other people for having unauthorized photos on their site. Don't think it won't happen to you, especially when we often see escort service owners who allow their webs designers to do whatever they want without any oversight.

If you are sued, you may very well win, but then you will be stuck with legal fees and a lot of aggravation that could have been avoided by having this model release contract in your possession.

Another good practice is to have your entire website reviewed for legal compliance. That's reviewing both the webcopy PLUS the images.. That's why we also offer the Website Legal Checkup Service.

For your Model Release Contract, The Escort Law Review has made this potentially expensive (and stressful) process very simple.

For only $14.97 you can get a comprehensive and effective model release contract right now.

You’ll be protected legally and you’ll avoid attracting attention to your website for the wrong reasons.

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