Save Yourself Grief Time, and Money
With our Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package
for the Escort Industry

Note: Even if you are not in the escort industry, but you are in another are of the adult industry, or even the mainstream industry, this legal research service is available to all.

If you are someone who wishes to hire an escort to see or you already do and you want to know the laws regarding this, please order this package - click here.

Note: The pricing below is for people who wish to become an escort or open an escort service in America or Canada. For pricing outside North America, please e-mail us with your city, province and country. We will provide you a quote at that time.

Since there are over 100,000 cities worldwide, there’s no way any one person can keep up with the constantly-evolving city-specific escort industry licensing and laws. Therefore, each state city and county should be researched individually at the time you actually need this information.

We can do that on your behalf, and we’ll provide you with a report will be created just for you. It’s the ABC's of Escort Industry Licensing & Laws for your individual county, city, and state.

So how will it help you?

  • We will completely research the licensing and laws that affect the city of your choice.
  • You will be fully educated on the escort industry licensing and laws within that city.
  • All this material will be combined in a comprehensive Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package

Included in the custom Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Report will also be our examination of the local law enforcement climate in your chosen city. This is a subjective process, but we’ll tell you exactly why we made the assessment we made, and whether we think it's a good idea to open an escort service or become an escort in your area. 

Bonus with Your Order


1. If you are in a municipality where the law requires you to track all your clients, you will receive your bonus client tracking form.


This last point can save you an untold fortune by warning you away from an undesirable area in advance. I only wished I had had this service available to me when I opened my second escort agency. Had I had this available, I wouldn’t have opened my second escort service in that particular city. This crucial information was something I only found out too late after I had already invested $30,000.

Please Note: If you live in the US, this research is NOT just for your State laws. The research is done at 3 different levels, so you’ll receive the following:

  1. State laws when it comes to the escort industry
  2. County laws when it comes to the escort industry and;
  3. City laws when it comes to the escort industry

You need all three to understand the full picture.

The research time you’ll save is truly priceless, because the average person doesn’t have access to the legal sites that give you this information. Also, many online sites claim to know the law, but they’re either just guessing, or their information is outdated.

The information we provide is guaranteed to be up-to-date, and you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing the local laws and regulations, as well as law enforcement attitudes.

In short, your Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package will prepare you perfectly to make a “go” or “no go” decision for opening an escort business in your intended city.

This service is priced at a very affordable $185, which is less than you’d pay for two or three hours of legal clock time. What’s more, we include extra research they most probably won’t include, so ours is more comprehensive and is onliy available at the Escort Law Review.

Bonus: You will also be allowed to ask our legal analyst 3 questions pertaining to the report sent you. If you need additional questions answered, he is available on a per hour basis.

Click below to order your Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package NOW!

Lock in the low price of ONLY $185 

(Your order requires 2 weeks of research and editing time)

Legal Research

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Additional Packages Offered:

If you need additional cities or counties added to your Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package, you can purchase them at discounted rates without having to buy another complete Package!

The only time you would need to purchase multiple full Packages, is if you need cities in different states researched. At that point research would need to be done at all 3 levels multiple times.

Here are your options for additions to your one single Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Report:

 Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package + 1 Additional County ($50)

Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package + 1 Additional City ($50)
(2 cities researched, both cities must be located in the same county)

Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package + 1 Additional City and County ($100)
(2 cities researched. Cities are in different counties, but same state)


We highly recommend you have your city, county and state reviewed every 3, 6 or 12 months. The laws and enforcement climate do change on a regular basis, and it's good to be “in the know” as to what’s happening in your city.

For only $80, we can review your Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Legal Package to see if there have been any changes.

Please contact us if you have any questions or you would like the payment link.

The Escort Law Review

P.S.: All North American research packages take 14 days to complete and overseas packages take up to 20 days. (For clients outside North America, please e-mail us for a price specific to your local research needs.)



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