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This Legal Information is for the Licensing & Laws in your area when either working as an escort
or running an escort service (agency).

Note that our Legal Research can also be done on other types of adult businesses

If you’re thinking about becoming an agency or independent escort, or you have your heart set on starting your own escort serivce or escort agency or …

You’re already in the escort industry, then …

These Discounted Licensing & Laws Packages are a MUST have for you.

To review what's included, read over our webpage with all the details.

Then come back here to see if your city is in our list.

I know it can be scary when delving into the escort industry because you figure what you don’t know won’t hurt you, but knowing the laws helps you with pre-planning, and avoids costly legal mistakes which would otherwise catch you off guard.

So here’s the bottom line… You need to educate yourself legally in order to protect yourself.

And besides our monthly legal articles from our Escort Legal Club, these Discounted Escort Licensing & Laws 101 Packages give you a complete overview of what’s happening in your county, city and state.

The beauty of ordering a custom pre-researched package is that you get a HUGE discount with 100% fresh up-to-date legal information. Here’s how it works …

  1. The package starts with recently-researched data compiled at the full price, and then
  2. Our on-staff legal analyst will once again research and analyze to see if any of the laws have changed since the previous report was done
  3. If they have, he’ll edit your report to reflect the very latest laws and regulations.

Bonus with Your Order


1. If you are in a municipality where the law requires you to track all your clients, you will receive your bonus client tracking form.

We can also research escort licensing and laws 101 for Canada and the UK. Just click here to ask us for more details.

Since all packages will be researched again please allow 14 days for delivery.

Each package is ONLY $130 or $220 for overseas. (Existing Exotic Publishing clients, please go to our private client list and find your discount code for your additional discount)

Here are just some of the cities we’ve recently researched for our clients:

Click on the one you wish to order.

Bellevue, King County, Washington - Escort Licensing & Laws

Chicago, Illinois - Escort Licensing & Laws

Dallas, Texas - Escort Licensing & Laws

Herndon, Fairfax County, Virginia - Escort Licensing & Laws

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Escort Licensing & Laws

Las Vegas, Nevada - Escort Licensing & Laws

Los Angeles, California - Escort Licensing & Laws

Sterling, Loudoun County, Virginia - Escort Licensing & Laws

Montreal, Quebec - Escort Licensing & Laws

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - Escort Licensing & Laws

New York, New York - Escort Licensing & Laws

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Escort Licensing & Laws

Orange Park, Clay County, Florida - Escort Licensing & Laws

Ottawa, Ontario - Escort Licensing & Laws

San Diego, California - Escort Licensing & Laws

San Francisco, California - Escort Licensing & Laws

Singapore (Singapore) - Escort Licensing & Laws

Washington, DC - Escort Licensing & Laws 

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