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Make Sure You are Kept Safe with the RIGHT Escort Industry or 

Adult Business Attorney for You Business

When running an adult business of any kind, you MUST make sure you are protected by having an attorney or lawyer on retainer. 

This is even MORE important in the escort industry if you are opearting out of America.

Read more about our custom special attorney research package here.

Then come back and see if your city is listed here for our Special Discount.

Because we have already vettted these attorneys, these Escort Lawyer Research Packages below have been discounted.

The beauty of ordering a custom pre-researched package is that you get a HUGE discount with a 100% fresh up-to-date vetting of the attorneys which means we make sure every lawyer still complies with our strict requirements.

Bonuses with Your Order


1. You receive 2 detailed documents with questions you should ask your
attorney/lawyer/barrister before hiring them.


2. You receive an educational document that teaches you how to talk to lawyers without compromising yourself.

You also receive information on why most times it may be best not to combine all different types of attorneys into one.

If you live in the UK the cost is slightly higher at $200 (payment URL). However, this is still a very reasonable price in order to eliminate the major headaches involved in finding a suitable Barrister for your Adult Business.

Note: if you live in a small city or town, we will probably only be able to find you an experienced attorney in a larger city 30 minutes - 2 hours away from you.

However, we’ll do the best we can to keep them as close to you as possible without compromising quality.

Most North American Escort Lawyer Research Packages take 14 days to complete. However, if your escort or adult business is in a smaller city or town, it will take 19 days to research attorneys for you.

All overseas packages may take as long as 19 days. 

Each Discounted Package is ONLY $110 (regularly $160) or $150 for overseas (regularly $200)

Existing Exotic Publishing clients, please go to our private client list and find your discount code for your additional discount)

Here are just some of the escort or civil attorneys we’ve recently researched for our clients:

Bellevue, Washington

Columbus, Ohio

Dallas, Texas

Fairfax County, Virginia

Miami, Florida

Montreal, Quebec

 Myrtle Beach/Horry County, South Carolina

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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