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Dear Reader:

You may already be running your own escort service … or working as an agency or independent escort … OR perhaps you’re thinking of getting into the escort industry and you want to find out all the legal facts first.

However, you need help to keep up-to-speed on all the legal maneuvering that’s constantly trying to trip you up and keep you from earning a living.

But do you know what the law actually says… lately? Especially when there are over 50,000 new laws passed every year in the US alone?

You DON'T want to be learning about the law the hard way after you’ve already gotten yourself into trouble.

That’s because…

Pleading Ignorance In Court
Is Absolutely No Defense

In some countries, the legal system is stacked against our escort industry.

Busybodies with nothing better to do with their lives seem to love to judge others, and cause problems wherever they can.

And all too often, the uninformed public falls prey to their schemes and trouble-making.

Do you really want to find yourself in a difficult situation caused by such ignorance?

I don’t think so!

Being informed and knowledgeable with the Escort Legal Club before any legal issues occur can save you both time and money, not to mention help you keep your escort business safe and running smoothly in the first place.

Why not put the odds a bit more in your favor?

Being Forewarned and Educated
Is Half The Battle!

At the Escort Legal Club, we follow all the so-called “social and moral laws” that the busybodies in politics are keeping in place or even strengthening.

We also educate you on those escort industry “tips” so-called “experts” tell you about (but which just aren’t true). You’d be surprised at what’s legal fact and what’s actually legal fiction about the escort industry.

Now please be aware – The Escort Legal Club is not an attorney and this is NOT legal advice! (Just so you understand, we have to say this in order to protect ourselves.)

What we are offering is crucial thoroughly researched information from former lawyers. This information examines the escort and business laws you need to know about in order to run your escort business.

We help you understand the laws that will protect you if something ever does happen.

This is something your competition won’t have and you’ll gain a competitive advantage. Here’s how it works …

Each month The Escort Legal Club provides you with:

  • one comprehensive in-depth legal article that covers the topics below PLUS,
  • every other month you receive what we call The Escort Legal Minute whic his some legal information that wasn't enough to fit into an article.

Volume 1, Issue 1
It’s Not All About What’s In Writing – You MUST Also Watch What You Say! (agencies)
Five Prevalent Misconceptions About What Police Can and Cannot Do (escorts)

Volume 1, Issue 2
The Right Against Self-Incrimination: What You Need to Know

Volume 1, Issue 3
What an Escort Needs to Know About Contracts (escorts)
What an Agency Owner Needs to Know About Contracts (agencies)

Volume 1, Issue 4
What You Need to Know About Business Entity Formation

Volume 1, Issue 5
Traveling Internationally with Large Amounts of Cash

Volume 1, Issue 6
Government Regulations: What You Need to Know

Volume 1, Issue 7
How to Handle a Police Interrogation

Volume 1, Issue 8
Elements of Common Prostitution-Related Offenses for the US, Canada & the UK

Volume 1, Issue 9
Legalization and Decriminalization in the U.S. and Canada - What the Terms Mean to You

Your monthly paid subscription also allows you to submit one specific legal question per month that you would like to see addressed in future articles.

Our legal articles are helpful no matter which area of the escort industry you work in.

Help Available For Both Escort
Agencies and Independent Escorts

Your membership in The Escort Legal Club sometimes includes separate articles for escort service owners and for agency or independent escorts -- each side needs to protect themselves separately. (At times the information is the same for both parties, so in that particular month each side receives the same legal article from us.)

These legal escort industry articles aren't advocating that you break the law – but rather how to avoid getting entangled in the laws in the first place.

Think of them as helpful “vaccines” against future legal trouble.

The Escort Legal Club is priced at a very affordable $19.97 every month, and guarantees you at least one article every 30 days. Every other month you also receive what we call a “Legal Minute”. This is your client bonus. This is legal information you need to know, but isn’t long enough to be written into a full article.

If $19.97 per month sounds like a lot for “just one article”…

Remember that an attorney or lawyer providing an opinion for you is going to cost you a minimum of $200 an hour, probably more like $300-$500 an hour. Also they aren’t likely to address all you need to know in the escort industry, because they’ll only answer the questions you come up with.

And if you don’t know the question to ask, you may miss the answer.

Instead (as a member of The Escort Legal Club) you’ll be getting a solidly-researched escort industry legal article for about a dollar a day that will help you stay out of trouble and understand the escort world around you.

There’s no long term commitment, so you can cancel at any time, but any articles you already received you need to pay for and there are NO refunds.

For a limited time and depending on available space, you can also get $5 off your first month if you sign up on one of my free lists.

Before you order, please read the list of articles above. If you'd prefer to buy only the articles you want to read, you can click here...

Every article takes approximately 10-15 hours of work to be thoroughly researched, written and edited.

Can you find every article in bits and pieces somewhere online?

Yes, you can if you want to spend countless hours trying to weed through tons of sites and you know what you are looking for. There books after books on the legal system. Do you really think that unless you are studying law, that you will find what you need?

Like we mentioned above, if you hired a practicing attorney, it would cost you minimum $200-500 for the same work, BUT you are getting your legal membership for ONLY $19.97 per month.

Our prices are priced low so you can learn and educate yourself legally.

All articles are anywhere from 3-6 pages in length.

Here’s how to order:

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We look forward to helping educate you Legally one person at a time!

Owner, Escort Law Review

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